Backcountry ski gear adventures for newbies

March 1, 2011
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TweetWhen I wrote my first post last year about my beginning forays onto the ski slopes, I got a few notes indicating that readers would rather I stick to climbing… that there are enough ski blogs out there already.  Well, I say… tough.  I’ve become a skier; and now that I’m finally learning to ski […]

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Just Another Outdoors Show #1

February 16, 2011

TweetLast week I participated in a podcast with Patrick Gensel, Josh Turner, and Kristy Graves to discuss the state of womens’ technical apparel (the short version, it’s getting better and better) and other highlights from Outdoor Retailer… the recent environmental concerns about a sensitive proposed location for an outdoor retailer… a discussion about the non-profit […]

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Being my own Valentine

February 14, 2011
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TweetThis is a bit far afield for, but I wanted to share it anyway.  Sometimes I write stuff not about rock climbing (although, climbing tends to sneak in there, somehow) and here’s the most recent. was kind enough to run this little story, and a huge thank you to Marja Huhta, who designed […]

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Solo In Tandem

February 9, 2011
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TweetSo, I just wrote my first trip report in a long time… But it’s not here.  It’s over at Solo In Tandem.  In order to reinvigorate my climbing life, I’ve cooked up a fun little project with my roommate / climbing partner / fellow #kickassgirl Teresa.  We’re planning a series of traditional 5.9 climbs to […]

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What’s your Climb for Change story?

February 8, 2011

TweetI’m pretty darn blissed from my early start to climbing season… hit the bouldering wall last week and then snuck in a way better than expected day out at Vantage on Saturday… but now I’m entirely too fried to sit at the computer any longer today!  So, rather than half-heartedly type up a trip report […]

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2011: The Year of the Hat

February 2, 2011
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TweetDear Jane, You were the first thing I saw, when I walked onto the show floor at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.  I spotted you straight away, across the aisle, as I headed toward my first appointment of the show with Ambler Mountain Works. It was love at first sight. I was lucky enough to get […]

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Buckle your seatbelt

January 27, 2011

TweetNow that I’ve finally got exactly where I want it in terms of functionality and layout… I’ve lost my web host. So, this week, when I’d love to be bringing you the latest and greatest in gear news from Outdoor Retailer — instead, I’m going to be crossing my fingers and praying to the […]

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Training, Trust and Trapeze

January 6, 2011

TweetI was driving home from work tonight and heard this story on NPR’s All Things Considered: Training and Trust:  Partners on the Flying Trapeze and enjoyed it both as a climber, and as a human being who has relationships with other human beings.  Ironically enough, I’m doing a trapeze class with my friend (and climbing […]

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Wear your helmet

December 30, 2010

TweetAnd always check and double check rope ends, when rapping or lowering a climber.  An accident report was posted on Tuesday to drive these points home, about an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago in Eldorado Canyon in Colorado.  Accidents (catastrophes, eff-ups) happen, and I’m always thankful when climbers (1) survive; and (2) share their […]

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Last minute shiny things

December 21, 2010
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TweetSometimes there are things that are just so pretty and sparkly that I have to write them up even if they have nothing to do with rock climbing. This isn’t one of those times, since I have the “gateway jeweler” of badass climbergirl Kate Rutherford, to wrap up this post with.  Thanks for being a […]

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